Hazardous Material Handling -Hazmat

Hazardous Material Handling -Hazmat

Scope and Objectives

The Aim of the ” Hazardous Material Handling -HAZMAT course”  is to provide basic understanding and awareness for those employees working in close proximity to hazardous materials / dangerous goods.

This course provides an overview of hazard classes, and hazard recognition for documentation, marking, labeling, placarding, segregation and emergency response. It is designed to provide knowledge and skills to respond to a hazmat incident, involving hazardous consignments handled by the CFS.

It also covers selecting and putting on protective clothing, identifying and assessing hazards, recognising hazardous materials at an incident and assisting with the development and implementation of a plan to manage hazmat incidents. The course is based on the requirements of the IMDG Code.

The course exhaustively covers classification of various dangerous goods and identification of Proper shipping name (PSN), Methods of safe packaging , Marking &  Labeling of dangerous goods, Procedures for Packing & unpacking of  cargo transport units(CTU), dangerous goods for transport, Emergency response, Safety precautions , detailed case studies etc.

This course also covers relevant sections of IMDG code, seggregation table and EmS.

Target Audience

This course is open to all personnel working in the organisation and are involved in handing, receiving, despatching dangerous Goods.

Documents Required: 

Please bring following documents on the first day of the Course.

  1. Two Passport Size Photographs
  2. Copies of Passport, CDC, (as applicable)


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Hazardous Material Handling -HAZMAT course

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