Offshore Familiarisation Course

Offshore Familiarisation Course

Scope and Objective

The Scope of the OFC (Offshore Familiarisation Course) is to familiarise the delegates with the Offshore vessels types and designations, Basic Offshore operations., supply Cargo Operations (type of cargo, its transportation, loading/offloading), Basic knowledge of offshore towing operations, Main aspects and practice in harbour operations, Induction and practice on ASD vessels, including harbour tug, Ship handling with different propulsion/Thrusters, Basic knowledge of Anchor Handling, , Basic health and safety requirements.

Offshore vessels are ships that specifically serve operational purposes such as oil exploration and construction work at the high seas. There are a variety of offshore vessels, which not only help in exploration and drilling of oil but also for providing necessary supplies to the excavation and construction units located at the high seas.

As mentioned, above, the denotation of offshore vessels is a collective reference and as such includes a wide array of vessels employed in the high seas sector. They can be mainly classified into the following main groups:

  • Oil Exploration and Drilling Vessels
  • Offshore Support Vessels
  • Offshore Production Vessels
  • Construction/Special Purpose Vessels

Each of this category comprise of a variety of vessels.

Oil Exploration and Drilling Vessels

  • Drill ship
  • Jack Up Vessels
  • Semi-submersible Vessels
  • Offshore barge
  • Floating Platforms
  • Tenders

Offshore Support Vessels

  • Diving Support Vessel
  • Crane Vessel
  • Pipe Laying Vessel

Offshore Production Vessels

  • Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO)
  • Single Point Anchor Reservoir (SPAR) platform
  • Shuttle Tankers
  • Tension Leg Platform (TLP)

Offshore Construction Vessel

  • Diving Support Vessel
  • Crane Vessel
  • Pipe Laying Vessel

The main aim of the OFC (Offshore Familiarisation Course) is to make the new crew aware of important safety procedures that are to be carried out on ships while working or during an emergency situation.

Target Audience:

The target group for OFC (Offshore Familiarisation Course)  are personnel working in the offshore oil and gas industry or engaged in production, drilling or support services.

Documents Required: 

Please bring following documents on the first day of the Course.

  1. Two Passport Size Photographs
  2. Copies of Passport, CDC, Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Driving License ( as available)


Fees (INR)






OFC (Offshore Familiarisation Course)

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1 Day


On Demand

All Personnel intending to work in offshore field.

**Course fees include hand-outs, lunch, tea/coffee only

**Accommodation, Visa, Travel Ticket, Airport Pick up etc can be arranged on additional cost basis.

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