ME Engine Course with Simulator Exercises

ME Engine Training

Scope of "ME Engine Course with Simulator Exercises"

The “ME engine Course with Simulator Exercises” is specifically developed for Marine Engineers and Technical Superintendents. It focuses on equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills for the effective operation, supervision, and monitoring of a ship’s propulsion plant and machinery while working collaboratively as a team. This course is aligned with guidance laid down in IMO Model Course 2.07 – “Engine Room Simulator.”

It addresses key competence requirements, including:

  1. Meeting the standards of STCW Code Part A, Chapter III, Table III/1 “Marine Engineering at the Operational Level” – Maintain a Safe Engineering Watch through Engine Room Resource Management.
  2. Fulfilling the requirements of STCW Code Part A, Chapter III, Table III/2 “Controlling the Operation of the Ship and Care for Persons onboard” – Utilize Leadership and Managerial Skills.
  3. Adhering to the principles outlined in STCW Code, Part A, Chapter VIII, Part 4-2 “Principles to be observed in keeping an engineering watch.”

Supervised by an instructor, the Engine Room Simulator exercises enable the trainee to familiarize themselves with the machinery and controls utilized in the DNV-approved Main Engine E-Simulator MAN B&W 6S80 ME-C9.2 Module. This proficiency allows the trainee to skillfully scan instrument displays when assessing the normal operational conditions of a propulsion plant. Each exercise commences with a pre-course briefing session and concludes with a group debrief, analyzing the actions and decisions of the trainees.

This is a Value added Course conducted using e-Simulator streamed directly to the trainee computer at his/her home.


Upon completing the “ME engine Course with Simulator Exercises”, participants will be able to:

  • Familiarize themselves with the use of instrumentation and controls employed in the engine-rooms of modern merchant ships.
  • Demonstrate the ability to properly pre-plan, use checklists, and understand the timescale involved in starting up propulsion plant machinery.
  • Gain experience in identifying operational problems and troubleshooting them.
  • Engage in logical decision-making, thereby promoting operational safety.
  • Identify the human resources and managerial skills necessary for enhancing safety, efficiency, and contingency management on board.
  • Describe ways to develop these human resources and managerial skills.
  • Recognize the need to develop a positive attitude for optimal utilization of their knowledge and skills.

Target Audience

The following individuals have the opportunity to enroll in the Engine Room Simulator course

  • With a minimum of 6 months of sailing experience as Marine Engineers on merchant ships, trainees possessing a basic background and knowledge of operating engine room machineries are eligible.
  • Experienced Marine Engineers, aiming to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the operation of machinery on a modern merchant ship, are welcome.
  • Keen on understanding the operation of modern MAN B&W 6S80 ME-C9.2 Engines, all Marine Engineers are encouraged to enroll for the course.

Documents Required

On the first day of the course, ensure you bring the following documents:

  1. Two passport-size photographs.
  2. Copies of Passport, CDC, CoC, and INDOS (as applicable).
Name of the CourseFees (INR)DurationLevel
ME engine Course with Simulator ExercisesContact Us5 Days
2 Days
Marine Engineers with minimum 6 months sailing experience


*Course fees include hand-outs, lunch, tea/coffee only

**Accommodation, travel and flight bookings can be arranged on additional cost basis.

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