Ethylene Tanker Cargo Operation (ETCO)

Ethylene Tanker Cargo Operation

Scope and Objective

The Scope and objectives of The Ethylene Tanker Cargo Operation  (ETCO)  course is to provide extensive cargo specific training to the personnel with immediate responsibility for receiving, discharging and handling of Ethylene cargoes in bulk.

This course is highly customized to meet the industry training requirements for operating Cryogenic Cargoes like Ethylene. It also focuses on the relation between human attitude and a safe and efficient operation of terminals handling Ethylene.

The objectives of this course include but not limited to various properties and hazards of Cryogenic cargoes Like Ethylene, various cargo equipment, cargo containment system and instrumentation , details of cargo operation carried out at an Ethylene handling terminal, Safety precaution and measures while handling flammable and cryogenic cargo like Ethylene, precautions to be taken and techniques to be employed when performing Cargo operation including loading and discharging of LEG tankers at the terminal, the importance of Ship Shore Interface and Ship Shore Safety Check List, precautions to be taken while entering Enclosed Spaces, while carrying out hot work, cold work, electrical isolation etc, how to achieve zero spillage while handling Ethylene Cargo, fighting fire involving Ethylene Cargo, first aid to a casualty and the procedures for calling shore paramedics/ ambulance.

Target Audience:

All Operation and Management Level officers 

Documents Required: 

Please bring following documents on the first day of the Course.

  • Two Passport Size Photographs
  • Copies of Passport, CDC, CoC,  and INDOS ( as applicable)
Name of the CourseFees (INR)DurationLevel
Ethylene Tanker Cargo Operation – ETCOContact Us1 DayAll personnel involved in handling Ethylene


*Course fees include hand-outs, lunch, tea/coffee only

**Accommodation, travel and flight bookings can be arranged on additional cost basis.

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