Aim and objectives:

The ANCHOR HANDLING & TOWING – AHT course aims to provide technical knowledge and practical understanding of the different design and systems associated with Anchor Handling vessels ( AHTS ); the safety factors and procedures involved in anchor handling operations; and the unique manoeuvring and handling characteristics of offshore vessel performing anchor handling to safely & efficiently carry out anchor handling operations.

The ANCHOR HANDLING & TOWING – AHT course is designed to enhance safety and give a thorough understanding of the theory and practice in anchor handling and winch operation. Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels are mainly built to handle anchors for oil rigs and platforms, towing, serve as an Emergency Rescue and Recovery Vessel (ERRV) and supply operations.

 The supply function means that they are used to transport equipment and materials to and from offshore drilling rigs. This course is developed to provide good practice especially in anchor handling operations for mobile offshore drilling units (MODU).

Anchor Handling and Towing of mobile offshore drilling units are extremely critical and sensitive operations. They involve working under extreme stress and adverse weather conditions.
It is imperative all personnel appointed to carryout Anchor Handling and Towing are fully trained for the job that awaits them on-board these vessels.
The course curriculum also focuses around teamwork of deck officers & winch operators. Anchor handling, towing and manoeuvring operation procedures can be experienced by the delegates guided by the instructor to experience realistic situations on-board with various anchor systems for offshore units and the requirements for AHT are addressed.
The main objective of the course is to emphasize safety, theoretical knowledge and practical experience in anchor handling, towing and winch operations.

The course highly contributes in meeting the recommended training specified in Section B/V(e), Paragraphs 6-8 of the STCW Code, as amended.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for deck and engineering officers who have bridge experience in at least one anchor handling operation. The course will provide knowledge on basic anchor handling and winch operations.

Documents Required:

Please bring following documents on the first day of the Course.

1. Two Passport Size Photographs

2. Copies of Passport, CDC, CoC, ( as applicable)


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Anchor Handling and Towing Course

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**Course fees include hand-outs, lunch, tea/coffee only

**Accommodation, Visa, Travel Ticket, Airport Pick up etc can be arranged on additional cost basis.

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