Crisis Management In Passenger Ships - CMPS

Scope and Objectives

The Aim of the  “Crisis Management in Passengerships -CMPS course” are to provide the student with the knowledge and skill in organising the safe movement of passengers when embarking and disembarking, organise shipboard emergency procedures, optimise use of resources, control response to emergencies, control passengers and other personnel during emergencies and establish and maintain effective communication.

This Course is based on the minimum requirements for the training of Master, officers, ratings and other personnel on ro-ro passenger ships and on passenger ships and any other personnel who are responsible for embarking and disembarking passengers and for the safety of passengers in emergency situations

The “Crisis Management in Passengerships -CMPS course” Curriculum covers Cruise Ship Disasters, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Organization , Alarm and initial response , Organization of emergency teams, Location of muster, Duties of emergency teams, Communication & Reporting on board, Emergency drills , Familiarization training, Basic Procedures for opening closing and securing hull openings, basic  stability and stress requirements and limitations, Passenger Safety and Hull Integrity,Communication with passengers Crowd Management ( Practical Drills), Crisis Management ( Case Studies) etc.

This is a Value based Course.

Target Audience:

This Course is open to all Officers and ratings intending to serve on Passenger ships, RORO Passenger ships.

Documents Required: 

Please bring following documents on the first day of the Course.

  1. Two Passport Size Photographs
  2. Copies of Passport, CDC, (as applicable)


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Crisis Management in Passengerships –CMPS course

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